Floating is an opportunity to alleviate the body and mind of the stress of daily life.  The benefits of floating are endless! 

For The Body

  • Promotes complete relaxation

  • Helps reduce addictive behavior

  • Normalizes blood pressure

  • Improves skin tone

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • Reduces migraines

  • Relieves inflammation in joints

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Increases magnesium absorption

  • Helps release endorphins-the body’s natural opiates

  • Provides pain relief from injuries and ailments

  • Increases athletic performance (energy, stamina, strength, quicker recovery)

  • Eliminates the pressure of gravity, allowing the body to free up healing energy

  • Increases your body’s ability to detoxify with the mineral rich salt bath

for the mind

  • Unlocks the creative centers in your brain

  • Helps achieve effortless visualization

  • Alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Creates an environment for meditation and lucid dreaming

  • Enhances your learning capabilities, i.e. concentration, memory, and focus

  • Stimulates right brain activity which allows us to absorb and learn information on a larger scale

  • Helps the brain produce theta waves which are mirrored in the advanced art of meditation

  • Theta waves promote productivity, creativity, and a sense of inner peace

  • Floating creates a harmony in the brain on all levels: the reptilian brain, the limbic system, and the neocortex. This balancing between the brain layers creates an exhilarating experience for the body, including vitality and a feeling of “oneness” with the universe