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Eat to Heal, Finding Balance Through Routine

Have you ever looked at your upcoming schedule, sighed, and thought to yourself, 'I will eat better and add in some exercise once we get past the next few busy months'?  I have, countless times. My name is Emily Gray and that sentiment is a similar echo of my past 'The Diet Starts Tomorrow' or 'I will start running once I find the right shoes'. Summer is coming  to a close and we are entering the back to school season; getting back into that routine and the hustle and bustle, not to mention work and all the extras.

As I have navigated adulthood and parenthood and faced many struggles with finding a healthy balance in life I have discovered that a lifestyle of healthy habits is not only completely achievable EVEN when life is at its most busy, but it also makes navigating the ToDo list far less exhausting and more manageable and even dare I say...enjoyable! 

I would like to share with you how I accomplish that. Please join me at Designing Health, August 22 as part of the Eat to Heal series. I will discuss making healthy lifestyle goals, planning menus, budgeting time and resources, and curating your best and most healthy life.