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Heart Coherence Introduction: Tools to use for health – with Mary Larson

Would you like to learn a few simple techniques that can improve your health AND help others around you? Do you want more vitality and love in your life? Do you want to change the world? All these are possibilities.

Heart Coherence is an evolving science. It is a way to change personal body and mind patterns. These techniques can be done individually or with others. Practiced as a group, the result can be powerful. In a few words, heart coherence focuses on the fact that when the heart is allowed to guide the body and the mind, great things can be achieved. More importantly, the state of heart coherence can give you access to better health, both physically and mentally. The benefits go far beyond what you can ever imagine.

This class is experiential and includes quiet time and brief meditations. Mary Larson will describe techniques she has been using, and guide you through short practices. Come ready to relax. Come ready to feel loved and share love.

Mary Larson has 46 years in health care as a health practitioner and advocate of self care methods. She has investigated and used complementary, alternative, and “new science” tools for health. She will share her personal stories of improved health and healing using the Heart Coherence practice.

Later Event: September 19
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