Intuitive Readings & Activations 

Aislinn Kerchaert is an Intuitive Psychic, Reiki Master and Access Bars Facilitator. To schedule an appointment, please contact Aislinn directly at 860-803-1224 or use our online scheduling system. 

Intuitive Readings 

60 Minute Intuitive Reading $100 90 Minute Intuitive Reading $140 

The art of divination is an age-old process, used by our oldest ancestors to communicate with the realms of the ancients, and with divinity. Hence, divine-ation. In these sessions, I will use the Tarot, combined with psychic facilitation to address areas seeking more attention in your life. A stream of connection is made to your guides, guardians and ancestors, through which supportive, life-affirming messages may come through. Readings are helpful during times of transition, big-life decisions, or simply to check in and realign with Spirit in a new way. 

A Tarot reading is a unique portrayal of your own intuitive guidance at this moment in time. As the reader my job is to guide you into deeper understanding of the motivations and driving forces that compose your life purpose. It can be a very supportive process for identifying any blocks or limiting belief systems that may be creating imbalances in your life, or standing behind the challenges you are facing. We will even take it one step further and address these blockages using an intuitive system of energetic clearings. It is a wonderful way to commune with your unique sense of self and encourage your life to blossom. 

About Aislinn 

I was first drawn to Tarot several years ago, when I lived in New Orleans and was working as a Ghost Tour Guide in the French Quarter. A self-taught reader, tour participants began to ask me for a reading, and it all took off from there. Soon after, I started offering my services full time at the historic Bottom of the Cup Tearoom, est. in 1929, where I offered Psychic readings and facilitation for hundreds of locals and travelers. Last spring, answering a call to explore the wonders of the Pacific Northwest, I moved to beautiful Astoria, Oregon. 

To learn more about Aislinn, please visit her website at and email