Thursday-Saturday 11am-5pm

A Portland native, Alanna has practiced massage therapy since 2014. She began with a passion for psychology and a desire to help people through trauma. After her own physical injury, she found massage therapy to have a great effect on emotional trauma as well as physical. Alanna graduated from East West College of Healing Arts. She has a very unique perspective to therapeutic touch from studying Tui Na, (Chinese medical massage), Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral, and Neuromuscular Therapy.

With growing knowledge, Alanna continues to develop her intuition for bodywork. She has experience working with clients with fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Whether for pain management or relaxation, she is easily adaptable to help with a client's specific needs. 




Tuesday-Wednesday 10:30am-5pm

Claire began her therapeutic education in 1999 at East West College of the Healing Arts. Her passion for achieving balance through the foundations of healthy movement and self-care led me to create her company, GroundWorksRx, in 2013. Beginning with Yoga instruction with study at the White Lotus Foundation in 2011, she now also offers Traditional Thai Massage as her primary bodywork modality. Claire has studied with two wonderful teachers, most recently completing a 250-hour specialty training in May 2017 with Nephyr Jacobsen.

 What she loves about this system is the complexity it manages to convey simply. There is something for nearly everyone. It encompasses vigorous, deep tissue-style work, as well as soothing, gentle work. Athletes, mothers-to-be, convalescents, and those simply looking to maintain a happy body may all find Traditional Thai Massage beneficial. Clients remain clothed while receiving treatment on a padded mat on the floor. A treatment will address the layers of the body, according to Traditional Thai Medical Theory, using several techniques which may include compression, rocking, traction, and passive stretching. Additional tools (herbal compresses, cups, scraping and more) may be utilized to support the objectives of the massage. Each treatment will be tailored to the unique circumstances of the client. There is no choreography, no template to be followed. The therapist and client will work together to serve the individual.