The Benefits of PEMF Therapy




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Are healthier, younger acting cells possible? Quite possibly thanks to the increasingly popular technology called pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). People in many countries around the world have used PEMFs to promote healing. PEMFs have been used for decades to treat a wide range of medical conditions, from broken bones and swollen tissues to depression and more. The results are very safe and can include:

· Less pain and inflammation, with some acute and chronic pain disappearing completely

· Reduction in the effects of stress on the body

· Improved energy and sleep quality

· Better circulation, blood pressure, and blood and tissue oxygenation

· Improved uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and cell regeneration

· Balance for the immune system

· Faster repair of bone and tissue injuries

· Muscle relaxation

· Stimulation of bone growth

PEMF beds don’t just help with physical pain issues, they detoxify the body, and regenerate health at a cellular level. We are constantly being bombarded by “techno pollution” in the form of Wi/Fi signals and cell phone tower radiation. To compound the issue we are exposed to a huge amount of chemicals through digestion not only from our food but from our environment, and you can understand why our bodies feel like they are under attack. PEMFs reinvigorate our cells at the mitochondrial level leaving us with more energy and a sense of wellbeing.

To illustrate, think of your body as a type of battery that runs on direct current (DC) electricity. In fact, all life generates an electrical DC charge. Your cells need this energy to absorb nutrients, remove waste and communicate with other cells – jobs that are important for building and repairing tissue such as muscle and bone as well as your organs. But without the right amount of energy, your cells can slow down and neglect important work, leading to pain, injury and disease.

PEMF therapy restores optimal voltage in the cells by recharging their electrical current.  The gentle pulsing magnetic fields give your cells energy thereby helping your body maintain its metabolic functions and optimal health.

PEMF therapy is also known as “energy medicine” and the benefits of energy medicine are hitting mainstream.

Dr. Oz says that PEMF therapy is so powerful in restoring cell function that this technology has the power to change the world of health & wellness.

With PEMF “You don’t just feel better, you are better” Dr. OZ

Click on the YouTube below to hear what Dr. Oz says about PEMFs.

How is PEMF Therapy Practiced?

PEMF therapy is like exercise. It can help with immediate health struggles or help the body be proactive in staving off potential health issues. It will keep your cells juicy and charged so that they can do what they were designed to do.

If you have chronic pain or physical challenges, using PEMF at least three times a week may help you restore health, movement and vitality.

If you are practicing prevention one treatment weekly can help you maintain your current energy level.

Clients usually see results within 2-3 treatments. Many report an increased sense of well-being, pain relief and relaxation after their first visit.

The Therapy is safe. There are no reported side effects.

The above information is not intended as medical advice.  It is strongly recommended to see your medical provider for all medical problems.  Magnetic resonance stimulation (MRS) is not promoted to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. Nevertheless, this natural treatment method has long been demystified as a most valuable bridge between conventional and alternative medicine.

Persons with electrical implants of any kind cannot use the PEMF technology.

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